Elevate your Fringe shows and events with our media production services.

Based locally in Edinburgh, Unruly Goose is uniquely positioned to offer live broadcast and show recording for productions at the Fringe Festival. We offer low-cost media services designed to meet the creative and financial needs of shows of all sizes, allowing them to reach and sell to international audiences.

We support all manner of requirements, from simple shows that only need one camera to complex productions with live graphics and multiple angles that bring viewers right into the action. We relish a challenge, and will develop a solution that meets your show's specific needs.

Share a speficiation with us below or shoot off an email to fringe@unrulygoose.com.

Pricing is calculated based on the specification provided here.

Shows happening around a similar time benefit from the cost of equipment being split. The more shows and groups that sign up with us, the lower the overall price for everyone. So, please tell your friends about us!